2023 London To Monaco for PACS1 UK
21st - 24th June 2023

The Wacky Races 2023 European Rally is an event you will not want to miss! Raising money for the PACS1 UK charity join us as we drive through Europe on some of the most breath-taking roads and party all night in the most exciting cities! We start in London, make our way through France, Switzerland, and Italy with our finish line at the Fairmont hotel located on that famous hairpin corner in Monaco! PACS1 is an ultra-rare genetic disorder only found currently worldwide in 100 children including my 12 year old daughter Nina, there is no cure and this has only been diagnosed in the last 4 years.
We need to raise Funds to carry out real research and then ongoing support to the family’s as for some of the children they cannot eat and are fed through tubes and fit almost every day. The children will always be living with their parents and later on in life many will have to be in homes which as you can imagine is heart breaking for all involved.

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