Wacky Races 2023 Sponsors
Our rally looks to secure as much funding for PACS1 UK as possible. To enable us to do this we would like to invite sponsors to help us achieve our ambitions.
We are currently looking for one headline sponsor who will be featured in the title of the rally getting maximum exposure possible.
They will also have large stickers on all of the cars and be featured on social media content, video content and all graphic materials such as lanyards, posters and merchandise etc…

The headline sponsor will also have a car entered into the rally free of charge and be featured in our final speech in Monaco.
We are also looking for general sponsorship where companies can have two stickers on each car.
They will also be seen as smaller logos on graphic materials such as lanyards and merchandise.
This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to get your company noticed as we drive through Europe and into Monaco!
Please get in touch below to enquire further.

Ready to get involved? What tier is best for you?
Tier 1 (Headliners) £5000
One car paid for on the rally
Large logo at pride of place on every car
Company promo / interview video
Featured on all social media publications

Tier 2 £1800
Medium sized logo sticker
Short company promo video
Featured on all social media publications

Tier 3 £500
Small size logo sticker
Featured on all social media publications

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